Social Media has brought about a revolution so strong that we could probably live longer without food than logging on to Facebook. It has become a way of life.  Most often we wonder if there’s any correct way to use Social Media? Let me tell you, there isn’t. There are no rules set in stone, so you are free to try whatever works best for you. But, we can always learn from not only our mistakes but others’ too. So, here we go with a list of don’t s…

Do not auto-post from Facebook to Twitter

You think auto-posting public updates from Facebook to Twitter is awesome right? Do you realise that this might get your audience thinking how lazy you are? Of course, this is not the impression you want to give them.

How to avoid this: Facebook and Twitter have a completely different set of audience and an entirely different purpose of existence. They deserve to be treated differently. You could use any of these tools or tweak your Facebook settings to share specific updates.

Tip: Too much automation is not good. Try to add a personal touch to your posts.

Do not start your Tweet with @ if you want all your followers to see it

This is an innocent mistake that most people make, probably because they don’t know what’s going on. What happens is, if you start a tweet with @, it is considered as a reply. So if you say, “@jamesbond is awesome!”, people who follow both you and @jamesbond, will be able to see this message.

How to avoid this: The trick is called Rephrasing. As simple as that.

Do not use Hashtags in excess

You know what? It’s a  pain to read a sentence that has a #hashtag #on #every #word. How can you possibly hashtag every single word in a 140 character tweet? Let’s hit the basics to understand how these things work. Basically, someone who searches for a hashtag that you’ve used in your tweet, will be able to view your tweet in their search. Awesome, right?

How to avoid this: Keep your hashtag usage to the minimum and use hashtags that are relevant to your tweet.

Do not overload audience with content

Content is king and you need to strive hard to keep it in power. You’ve got to be really careful not only about what content you are about to share but also about how much of it you’re sharing. Avoid spamming and flooding news feeds with back-to-back updates.

How to avoid this: If you have a lot of content you think your readers will love, then go for it! Schedule your posts using scheduling tools.

Do not put off your audience with Quote overuse

Remember, Excess of anything is bad. It’s true that quotes are fun to read and at times motivational as well but give your audience a break.

How to avoid this: Use quotes judiciously.

Do not duplicate your messages

There’s no harm in this really. There is a very slim chance that someone is going to point out that you’ve copy pasted your post from Facebook to Twitter. It’s just that the audience for every social media is different. So, it is better to tweak the content a little to cater to their needs.

Do not keep your Social accounts private

People who don’t follow you, can’t see your content on Twitter if your account is private. So if you want them to follow you, ensure that you give them an easy access. Also, bloggers looking for growth in terms of blog traffic, should keep their accounts public.

How to avoid this: Keep all those accounts public where you want to grow your audience. Do not link private accounts to your blog.

Do not forget to use social sharing buttons

So you’ve created great content, now, how do you get maximum visibility? Fear not, Social Sharing Buttons will come to your rescue! Allow people to share your content to increase your audience.

How to avoid this: Embed these buttons in your blogs and sites such that they are prominently visible to the readers.

Do not be desperate for followers

If you go about asking people to like you or follow you (not literally) on social media, there’s only outcome — They Won’t! So, stop doing that. Trust me, it’s creepy when some says, “Just followed you on blah blah, come follow me back on blah blah..”

How to avoid this: To get followers and likes, interact with people, respond to queries, like and comment on posts and blogs, share ideas, be a part of a discussion, and follow people. And that’s it; wait for your turn after that.

Do not Forget to proofread your posts

One of the easiest things to find in life: Miskates. Did you spot the error in the word mistake? If you did, then I am sure you know what I am talking about.

How to avoid this: Always do a spelling and grammar check on all your posts.

Do not Like your own posts

Okay, this one’s funny. Why would you do that? You’ve posted it, it’s obvious you like it.

How to avoid this: Interact and encourage your friends, followers, colleagues, or employees to share and like your content.

Do not fake it on LinkedIn

The one place on Social media you don’t want to mess with, is LinkedIn. This is a place where you create a professional image of yourself and you don’t want to mess with it’s authenticity.

How to avoid this: Be real. Remember, this is not Facebook or Twitter, so don’t use stupid names.

Do not be unprofessional

What kind of social behavior would you consider unprofessional? Well, one of those things is publicly asking brands for reviewing material to blog about. Come on! like seriously?

How to avoid this: It is best to not ask for blogging opportunities in public. If you really want to approach someone for products to review, you can drop them a personal message on any social network.

Do you have a No-No to add to this list? Feel free to leave a comment.

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